Case Study 2 – Document uploaded

This week you will be combining all your research about your case into a presentation to share your results. Be sure that you review your feedback from previous weeks and update your information as needed.

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation that covers all the information related to your case study. Include the following:
Case background
The research question for the case study you selected and the goal of the research.
Evaluation of how ethical considerations would affect your research
Cultural diversity on the interpretation of your research findings
Qualitative method used
Any possible unanticipated influences on the research
Questions from your survey or interview
Description of the sample
Explanation of your findings on the correlation of the two variables you selected
The effects of biased language when reporting research

Include an introduction and reference page, and provide detailed speaker notes on each slide (90-150 words).

Include a slide with APA-formatted references.


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