Case Study Project Part I Declared Jurisdiction Template Statement of Action Research Intent

Case Study Project Part I:   Declared Jurisdiction

Template Statement of Action Research Intent



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Directions: To complete this assignment, use the following template and fill in the information in parenthesis.


To ascertain the current state of economic development, the city, town/county, state will be investigated. The information collected by public administrators will serve as the study’s initial source of resources. S.W.O.T. analysis will be employed to evaluate the data. The next step is to undertake “smart” action research to identify the precise economic development methods that might be used to address problem areas and improve economic development prospects in the aforementioned jurisdiction. The focus of the action research efforts will shift to identifying options available to decision-makers using published scholarly resources and appropriate analytics. This action research will produce a final report with recommendations for improving the economic prospects of a city, town/county, state, as well as the criteria by which economic development policies may be evaluated.


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Submit Case Study Project: Part 1 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.



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