Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Essentials Mangement (repor

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Essentials Mangement (report). It needs to be at least 1500 words.
The Essentials Management is all about finding solutions to help the organisation to improve efficiency, reduce costs, decrease cycle time and push up strategic initiatives. What are the issues before an ambitious management and an expanding organization? Find solutions to short term and long term problems,
lookout and seize the opportunities well in time in this fast moving age of industrial and internet revolution, tackle critical issues posed from time to time and improve effectiveness in functions and crucial programs. Of the four important factors of production, land, labor, capital and organisation, labor (workforce at all levels) is important. The employees can build an organisation just as sometimes it is claimed that the employees can break it. For the organisation to become prosperous and grow employees (including officials of the top management) need to be basically sound and industrious and basic conditions and favourable atmosphere need to be created for them to become basically sound and industrious.
“If everything is important, then nothing is….Whether it is a multinational corporation, a department within a larger company, or a small entrepreneurial venture, every organisation provides its leader with more distractions and concerns than one person can handle. The key to managing this challenge, of course, is to identify a reasonable number of issues that will have the greater possible impact on the success of your organization, and then spend most your time thinking about, talking about, and working on those issues.”(Lencioni, 2006, introduction. xi) The phrases like decentralization, delegate responsibility etc. often find favor in an expanding organisation. The modern management science favours these techniques. But the critical point for the success of organization is somewhere else. The growth of an organization needs to be a healthy growth. None but the head of an organisation can make it healthy. To delegate responsibility for

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Criminology. According to Phillipson, tradi

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Criminology.
According to Phillipson, traditional criminology fails to understand criminal law. The subject matter of criminology is defined by non-criminologists thus placing limits on the discipline (Phillipson:4). Even though criminology is acknowledged as the study of crime and criminals, it fails to understand criminal law because sorts of behaviours that are branded as crimes and the people who are convicted as criminals emerge out of social processes which are independent of the professional criminologists’ activities (Phillipson:3).. Traditional criminology, therefore, has his subject matter given to him through the society’s formal definitions of crime (illegal behaviours). It is also the society that identifies the individuals who commit criminal acts and not criminal law. In addition, traditional criminology has been a failure because legal definitions of what is a criminal behaviour vary within any society (Phillipson:6).. This is because what is regarded as&nbsp.a crime in a&nbsp.given&nbsp.&nbsp.society may not be in another because different societies have different definitions of criminal behaviours. For instance, some societies accept homosexual behaviour, gambling and drug use while others consider them criminal offenses. This, therefore, means that there is no one universal behaviour that is always and everywhere criminal because societies’ reactions to crime change with regards to time and place (Phillipson:5).
Traditional criminology has ignored social processes upon which criminal law is made. It however rests upon an implicit acceptance of the legal status quo. This unquestioning acceptance of upheld values limit the questions criminologists ask as well as the answers they get from questions relating to the causes of crimes (Phillipson:7). This restricts the focus of traditional criminology in search of causes to individuals who were officially convicted of criminal offences. The limited vision of

Need an argumentative essay on Energy Generation and conservation in Fuel Cell.

Need an argumentative essay on Energy Generation and conservation in Fuel Cell. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The fuel cell energy can be tapped in several ways before. First, they can be produced from biomass. These include the agricultural waste products, wood pulps from the paper manufacturing company and other crop wastes. These products are inserted into an enclosed fume chamber where biological and chemical reactions take place. They are broken down by some microbes, and hydrogen gas is produced. Since hydrogen gas is 14 times lighter than air, it escapes at the top of the fume chamber where it is trapped and stored for use. This trapped gas is more efficient and safe for use since it does not contain a lot of other gases.
During the production of hydrogen gas in a fuel cell system, the natural gas is entered into the plant and delivered to the fuel processing subsystem. At this stage, some gases like the sulfur are removed. In addition, a preheating of the mixture (fuel) is done to reach the operating temperature of the cell. The gas is the delivered to the fuel cell where it undergoes the process of electrochemical oxidation to produce electricity or heat. The cell is much efficient with its efficiency ranging from 36 to 60 percent depending on the type of fuel cell in use. In a case where conventional heat equipment is used, a higher efficiency of about 85% can be achieved.
Furthermore, people can make their own Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells so that they produce their own energy or electricity (Ralph 102). This process can be achieved through a series of steps.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Data structures and algorit

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Data structures and algorithms for social media. It needs to be at least 1750 words.
This treatise discusses how the choice of data structures and algorithms affect social media. The paper also focuses on the differences in security procedures when it comes to large data sets as found in social media sites as compared to simpler and Java-driven websites.
Social media are a group of websites that aid in social interaction, and consist of voluminous databases. In understanding data structures, one should take into account that they mostly define the memory mechanisms. In a computer, data is conveyed in chunks from the Random Access Memory (RAM) to the hard disk. The running time of this transfer is determined by the blocks/chunks. Data structures enhance efficiency in computing. The more powerful a computer is enables it to handle more complex applications, which lead to more complex calculations (Bender & Kuszmaul, 2014).
The choices applied in the selection of data structures and algorithms determine whether a particular calculation will be carried out in many days or in just a few seconds. In social media, the information is stored in large database. hence, computations that result in searching of different information need to be performed at a very fast rate. This calls for keen choice of data structures and algorithms. In enhancing efficiency, a given solution will be termed efficient once it solves the problems assigned to it within the confines of the resource constraints (Shaffer, 2014).
In deciding the data structure to use in a social media site, some of the steps to consider include. an analysis of the problem for determination of the applicable resource constrains, determination of the operation to be supported against the resource constrains, and selection of the most appropriate data structure for the given problem. In selecting a data structure, it is always good to consider the cost of the solution, which is a factor of the resources used,

Need an argumentative essay on Anton Chekhov. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no pla

Need an argumentative essay on Anton Chekhov. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Chekov was born in 1860 in southern Russia and lived in a difficult family. Some say his father, who was physically abusive, became the main influence on later characters who were portrayed as hypocrites.1 Chekov did well in school and studied to become a physician. But a part of him wanted to write too,
so he started to do this for a little money. He was recognized and people began to like his work and he took a more experimental approach to literature with this new confidence. He was generally a modest man who was concerned with social issues. For several years he was concerned about prison reform. He even traveled over land a great distant to the island of Sakhalin off the coast of eastern Siberia where he interviewed prisoners about the conditions they lived under. Prisons in Russia have always been a problem, as seen in later years in the writer Solzhenitsyn work about the Russian gulags and the Siberian exiles. For Chekov this was all important to the Russian soul. He covered many topics with aplomb and brought a clinical eye to the social relations he witnessed throughout his native land. When he died in 1904 he was praised all over Russia and statues were erected to him and prizes named after him.
Two of Chekov’s most important contributions or innovations for contemporary literature are his use of stream-of-consciousness writing and also his refusal to declare a moral conclusion at the end of his stories, allowing the reader to come to his or her own conclusion. In the first case, Chekov would often take the reader directly into the head of the character to show what they were really thinking about—often details not directly relevant to the plot or narrative pacing—and also how they saw and judged the things around them. This technique later became very popular with writers such as James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, who used it to make a huge