Caucasian Roots

Listen to the BBC 3 radio broadcast “Caucasian Roots, Episode 1”.  The first of two parts, Episode 1 discusses how the Caucasus region was perceived in the ancient Greek and Roman world. Use the Study Aid to help you follow the broadcast. Some of the names in the broadcast will be unfamiliar and may be hard to catch; in addition to the Study Aid, you can also get help from the Glossary “Names to Know” on our course information page. Notice especially how the ancient myths have been recycled to support a modern national mythology.

Then I want you to discuss
What might Hughes mean when she calls Caucasia an “edgy character”? What might the word “edge” mean in this specific context? Do you think a geographic region can be a “character”? What aspects of the ancient Greek/Caucasian culture she presents do you find “edgy”, perhaps unexpectedly modern?

Criteria for evaluation of discussion responses:
Is your response on topic?
Is your writing clear?
Do you use evidence to back up what you say? Are you specific about about evidence or sources?
Do you develop your ideas in appropriate detail?


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