CBT Interventions in Aggressive Behaviours

CBT Interventions in Aggressive BehavioursVancouver Referencing with size 11 font and not more than 3 pages.

The Aggressive Personality

Review the effectiveness and efficacy of one therapeutic intervention that targets the aggressive behaviour of perpetrators of physical violence within families. In your review you will also need to describe: the intervention; what it aims to achieve; and any limitations it may have.Some suggested search terms: Violence, aggressive behaviour, anger management, child abuse,
physical abuse, domestic violence, randomised controlled trials, treatment outcomes, and antisocial personality disorder.
Assignment Marking guide

Defines efficacy
Defines effectiveness
Defines family violence
Provides an overview of one intervention
Identifies intervention target group
Provides the intervention aims
Describes the intervention’s theoretical
Explains how the intervention addresses family violence/anger
(gives examples from the intervention sessions)
A number of articles/studies collected/researched
Reported if studies were assessing efficacy or effectiveness
Identified how articles support the intervention or if none available
compared to research on similar interventions
Identified limitations of the intervention
Identified limitations of the research
Correct Referencing

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