Center for Professional, Career, and Technical Education

Jefferson State Community College
Center for Professional, Career, and Technical Education
Physical Therapist Assistant Program
PTA 241 Physical Disabilities II Research Assignment
To allow the PTA student to use evidence-based data in support of a relevant physical therapy topic by accessing, synthesizing, and incorporating scholarly material in a cohesive academic document regarding a pathological process.
1. Students are to complete a research paper that requires not only factual data substantiated by primary and secondary sources, but one that requires an abstract, critical, and thoughtful level of inquiry.
2. Topics should be chosen by 11:30pm, January 12, 2014. Please use the separate form to turn in your topic. This form must be submitted via the submission tool on blackboard in .doc/.docx or pdf format to receive credit. The topic must be on a pathology referred to in this course, i.e., Degenerative Diseases of CNS, Epilepsy, HA, Vestibular System disorders, Cognitive/Perceptual Dysfunction or other neuro-based conditions. (Refer to assigned reading to skim through potential topics)
3. The correct format for references is the same as the format found in the APTA’s Physical Therapy Journal articles, which is the style used by the American Medical Association. You may document in-text citation by using superscript style1.
4. Standard: Students should be able to provide a thorough, cohesive, properly supported document and communicate the information on a level appropriate for a PTA.

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