chain value unit 2 discussion

An effectively and efficiently managed value chain supports competitive advantage and achievement of profitability goals. The textbook identifies four core dimensions by which companies can choose one, some, or all of the dimensions to compete. The four core dimensions are cost, quality, response time, and flexibility. The purpose of this Discussion is to apply these four dimensions of competitiveness to real-world examples.
1. Choose four different companies (choose examples that are not mentioned in your textbook) that represent each of the four dimensions of competitiveness. It is fine for a company to be an example representing more than one of the dimensions, but there must be examples of four different companies and each of the four dimensions of competitiveness must be covered.
2. Use the Kaplan Library for articles/company profiles providing information related to determining how you categorize each of the four company dimensions of competitiveness strategies. Once you have made your choices, you may use the chosen companys websites as references. No other internet resources are allowed as applied and cited references for this Unit 2 Discussion, although you may use the internet to support your own research and learning. Apply no more than one APA formatted reference and citation per paragraph. Support your responses content by applying and citing at least three separate sources (for example, from a Library article(will upload article), your textbook, and a company website).
3. The response should use first person (“I”, “me”) perspective.
4. Compose a response of at least four paragraphs of 45 sentences per paragraph.
5. The response should clearly address how the company achieves competitive advantage by providing value to customers. Include the following in your response: Identify four examples of companies who compete based upon the four dimensions of competitiveness. How does each company use one or more of the four dimensions of competitiveness? How is their strategy evident? How does this competitive strategy differentiate the company from their competition? Explain.

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