Challenges in Coordinating Services



Watch Failure to Protect, a PBS documentary about a true case in Maine, to get started with this week’s lesson. The documentary can be seen here:
Read the transcript from the subsequent video, Failure to Protect: A National Dialogue, after that. Here is a link to the panel’s transcript and related information:
To learn more about the participants in this discussion and their orientations, you should also click on the link to the participant bios. After that, respond to each of the following inquiries: I’ve divided up the questions into manageable chunks for you.
• Do you believe the situation where Ms. McFadden calls child protective services after realizing the kids were left alone all night is plausible? If not, why not? Do you believe that this threshold would be altered if Ms. McFadden witnessed the kids being hurt in any way?
What do you think of Trevor Johns’ strategies for breaking into the Smith residence?
Sandra Jimenez explains the persuasive arguments for why people would gladly permit a CPS employee to speak with their children. Which ones are they? Is this fair to you? If not, why not?
What reservations do you have about the credentials of those who make decisions in child protective services?
• Talk about the agency’s conflicting goals of simultaneously maximizing children’s wellbeing and ensuring their safety.
• What does Dean Gelles think about how domestic violence has affected this family? What general difficulty does this pose for people making child welfare decisions?
• What effects does removal have on the kids?
Which difficulties are frequently encountered in foster homes?
• What obstacles do parents encounter when attempting to use services?

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How do tragedies affect situations involving child welfare?
• Share your thoughts on the proposition that “There will always be children who die in the custody of the state.”

What objectives does the Adoption and Safe Families Act seek to achieve?
What difficulties do Ben and Brittany’s long-term planning plans present?
• What are the benefits and drawbacks of accelerating the process of ending parental rights?
• What role does poverty play in the participation of child welfare?

What about this show surprised you the most? Has this affected how you perceive the child welfare system? And if so, how?

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