change problems inherent in the case study using the allocated diagnostic model.

A Report is to be written, this will become a script for my video! all you need to do is write a script and ill do the video. Below is a structure! 1200 words

A key skill for organisational change practitioners is to understand “what needs changing” in an organisation by accurately diagnosing change problems. This requires the application of frameworks to understand the complexity and interrelatedness of organisational components operating at different levels of the organisation. Coupled with this is the ability for change practitioners to feedback and concisely present diagnostic results to senior managers.


This assessment has two major components

  1. Case analysis (which does not have to be submitted)
  2. 8-minute maximum video presentation of the case analysis
Case analysis

By the end of week 03, you will be assigned a case study from those uploaded to LEO and diagnostic model from the list below

  • McKinsey: 7s Framework
  • Travel Link Solutions 7S Model

THIS IS THE CHOOSEN CASE STUDY ( I have attached the case study)

You are required to undertake a diagnosis of the change problems inherent in the case study using the allocated diagnostic model. How to go about this will be discussed during the semester. Your output from this stage, the analysis, will form the basis of your video presentation.

Video Presentation

From your case analysis, you are required to develop a video presentation which distils the findings from your organisational change diagnosis into 8 minute synopsis. The audience for this video presentation is senior staff of your case study organisation. You are trying to convince them that the organisation needs to address a number of important challenges if it is to be successful.

While it is important to get your message across in the video, the production quality of the video is not a major issue. The assignment is designed to show your understanding of how develop a change diagnosis using a diagnostic tool and how to present your diagnosis to a management team. The video presentation is to be uploaded to LEO via Kaltura. How to go about developing the video presentation will be discussed during the semester

Your video presentation should be structured in the following way

  • Brief introduction
  • Outline of change problem
  • Outline of diagnostic model chosen
  • Discussion of analysis
  • Brief overview of next steps
  • Conclusion
  • References- At least 10 references not to be wikipedas


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