Race and ethnicity evolution in American society

Answer two of the following questions:

How has the perception of race and ethnicity changed throughout time in American society? Why do cultural vs. biological theories for race and ethnicity outweigh one another? What effect does the United States’ continually changing vocabulary for race and ethnicity have on racial and ethnic relations? (USLO 4.1)
Investigate and determine the racial and ethnic makeup of your neighbourhood. What racial and ethnic discussions are happening in your town right now? On a scale from tolerant to intolerant, how would you rate relations between different groups of people in your community? Think about whether your community is subject to concepts like pluralism, amalgamation, expulsion, and genocide. (USLO 4.2, 4.3)
Compare and contrast the theoretical perspectives on race and ethnicity’s advantages and disadvantages. Should we concentrate on building a single theory to understand racism and ethnic oppression, or is it advantageous to have multiple theoretical stances on race and ethnicity? Which theory do you think will most effectively advance social justice? (USLO 4.4)

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