Characteristics of Russian Constructivist architecture and design

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List 3 characteristics of Russian Constructivist architecture and design (based on your reading of the introduction to the MOMA exhibit). Select (and reference) examples of these characteristics using the numbers, names, and years of projects illustrated in Wigley’s article. List 3 characteristics of deconstructivist architecture and design. Reference passages from Wigley’s article. Describe a project included in the 1988 MOMA exhibition catalog. Frame your descriptions in terms of Rhizomes and the Elements and Principles of design (see endnote 1). 300 words. Create a graphic explanation of this same MOMA project using rhizomatic images such as lines-offlight/perspective construction, assemblage, body-without-organs, Sullivan and Wright organic architecture, bookbinding, potatoes, pine needles, rhizomes, rat burrows, couch grass, dendrites, puppet strings, sheet music, AND YOUR OWN SKETCHES!

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