Child Age/Development Range

Designer-Instruc tors

Activity Title

Child Age/Development Range

Check Areas and List Blended Areas Check Developmental Domains and List Blended Domains
Literacy Physical
Math Social/Emotional
Scientific Inquiry Cognitive
Nature/Outdoors Language
Visual Arts Moral/Spiritual
Music Blended:
Creative Movement
Creative Drama
Observation/Evidenceof Developmental Readiness –Describe what you have observed or understand about what childrenknow and are able to do, that suggests this activity is appropriate and of interest to children.
Main Objective– In one sentence, describe the main point of this Integrated Arts Activity.
Developmental Objectives – List at least two.Note: Contact me if you have questions on this section.
Given ~~~~~~~~~~ , the child will ~~~~~~~~~~.
Materials – List everything that you will need.
Setting and Set-up – Describe or diagramthe ideal space and describe how you will prepare the area.

CF 233 Integrated Arts Activity Plan

2014-2015 M.E. Ambery CF 233 Integrated Arts Activity Plan -Page 1

Procedures – Describe each step of the activity—What will youdo with the children and say to them. (Be sure you are meeting your two or more developmental objectives.)
_____Steps_____ _____Encouragement/Questions_____
Assessment– How will you Know you have met your Main Objective?
References– Include full bibliographic informationonthis Integrated Arts Activity idea.(Use APAstyle).
Self-evaluation – To be completed if and after activity is implemented.
1. What went well during the activity? What did you feel good about?
2. What didnot go as planned? What were your disappointments?
3. Were you able to meet your objective? If not, what prevented you from doing so?
4. What would you do differently if you were to do this activity again? What would you do the same?


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