Child Psychology Research Article Review

Reviewing journal articles is an important skill as this is the foundation for writing larger  research papers. For this assignment, you are required to search the librarys many databases and identify a scholarly/peer-reviewed article related to Child Psychology and then complete the following sections. Please be sure you complete each section of the review. You may find it helpful label each section to ensure it is completed.

Search librarys online databases such as EbscoHost, PsycINFO and others to find scholarly or peer-reviewed articles (WebMD and simple google searches will not suffice). The article must be related to Child Psychology. You can search based on a topic that was of interest to you in the course or even a topic that was not directly covered in the course so long as the target age range of the study is 0-12 years of age.

Read the entire article. You may need to read the article a few times before you get a full grasp on the study.

Write the citation for the journal article at the top of the review. The citation should follow APA style. There are MANY online resources for APA citations such as PurdueOwl to help ensure this is completed correctly.

Write a summary of the article. This should be roughly 3 paragraphs (depending on the length of the article) and should include the following.
1.  Purpose of the study
2.  Summary of how the research was conducted
  – Who were the participants?
  – What measures did they use?
  – How was the data collected?
3.  Results/Findings of the study?
4.  Any other pertinent information?

Write a 1-2 paragraph review of the studys implications. This is where you offer your opinion of the article. Examples of what to conclude are: Why is the study helpful? Are there any flaws? How could it be improved? What should future studies explore based on this studys findings?


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