Childhood in the digital age: what are the technologies that are appropriate for kindergarten to primary school aged children and which aid their learning the most? Are there any popular technologies which are harmful at this early age?

Students are to write a persuasive research essay following the Classical Model of argumentation. Please choose one topic from the below options. The essay should include three credible sources in total, and two of the three must be from a scholarly journal. An article is provided with the topic. The essay is persuasive in nature and should form a clear position (thesis statement) on the topic. It should also develop the student’s perspective clearly and logically. The paper should have a clear introduction that introduces the issue and presents the thesis statement. Also, the essay should clearly identify and present a refutation using the Classical Model structure. Essays are to include a title page and reference page, both using accurate APA format and style. Content (Rubrik) Mark Essay Content: The essay has an effective, clear introduction that presents the topic, context (an author), and thesis statement. The thesis is clear, arguable, and specific, and presents an argument. The essay has effective, logical, and engaging body paragraphs that present the research findings in a clear way. Each body paragraph has a topic sentence and ends by supporting the thesis. Body paragraphs discuss the student’s perspective/argument in a clear and logical way. Research is introduced and integrated into student writing clearly, and is related to the student’s perspective. Essay includes an effective refutation paragraph that clearly presents a challenging view, and ends with support for the student’s perspective, following the Classical Model. The conclusion effectively wraps up student’s argument using the Classical Model. Correct grammar and punctuation are used throughout the essay. / 20 Organization: The essay clearly utilizes the Classical Model structure and style. Research is presented in a clear and logical way, integrated into the student’s writing. Organization of ideas is clear, logical, and argumentative; paper uses an academic tone and word choice Paragraphs are organized logically. / 10 Style/APA/Grammar: Correct APA format and style for title page and reference page. Correct use of signal phrases and in-text citations for sources. Sources are cited where appropriate. Accurate grammar, punctuation, and spelling are used throughout.

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