Children Literature

Here is the main novel for this paper. “Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire” by J.K.Rowling. Use this as your main novel and find another outside sources to support. The website for you to read is
0. The assignment you need to do is Midterm (3). (Below).
1. And this paper needs 4-6 outside sources. Rememer, it must be official and legitimate academic sources. Here I give you the “School Library Research.” I hope you can get all the outside sources from here. The website is . It requires student ID number, so please use 20151027 and you can login successfully to find what you need. There is some ways helping you how to research, you can look it below. Called “STARTING POINTS FOR RESEARCH.” (One sentence from per article counts, dont need too much)

2. This paper needs 1500 words around, and 100-200 words per paragraph, so please make a good structure of the paper.

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3. Finally, It needs the direct quotation with page number from novel or the outside sources. Please dont paraphrase them.

4. The pormpt is below and please read it carefully. Thank you very much.

5. Here is the Outline for you, I already ask my professor it is prettry good to start. So please build the essay based on my outline.


Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Sirius Black, Hagrid, Moody, AlbusDumbleore, Snape. Theme should about community cooperation.
Thesis Statement: The boarding school setting of Hogwarts tightly bound community in which each persons actions affects somebody else, and this connectedness is a key factor in the successes of this story.
First paragraph, Hagrid and Moody help him prepare to get past the dragon.
Second paragraph, Dobby and Cedric help him decipher the golden egg and rescue his underwater victims.
Furthermore, Harry is marked by his parents sacrifice to keep him alive, so he is often protected by a connection by them when he is close to die.
I think you may need to find one more point about their community because I only give you three.
Harry encourages Hagrid to return to teach, lets Cedric know about the dragon.

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