Choose a particular type of commercial, industrial or high-rise development that is currently being considered by a Con- sent Authority such as a Local Council or a State or Federal Government Agency.

site analysis to discover all the opportunities and limits of the site and its surroundings

Select a specific sort of high-rise, commercial, or industrial development that is currently being evaluated by a governing body like a local council or a state or federal agency.

2) Once you’ve decided on a certain development, conduct a site analysis to discover all the opportunities and limits of the site and its surroundings. Give the consent authority your recommendation and the reasons behind it. How does the development fit into the site’s established development standards?

3) The report must take the form of a thorough evaluation of a proposal that the Council in your jurisdiction was considering. Plans, images, and maps (clearly sized with a north point) must be used to support the assignment. You must cite relevant laws and regulations as part of your evaluation of the plan. Make sure all sources are cited accurately and recognized in the report.

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4) This applies to all graphics, including photos and maps. The report needs to be a polished piece of writing with an executive summary and title page. There should be no prior Council approval or denial of the development.

Note: Reports that are too wordy will be penalized. The planning provisions shouldn’t need to be included in any detail other than in a brief. Where extracts are being used, an appendix should be included to avoid exceeding the roughly 3000 word restriction.
5) Don’t include publicly available information (such as excerpts from laws or planning regulations) in appendices.

Resources: planning tools and guides and other pertinent planning publications from the council.



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