Choose any two recent article that relates to the topics of the week. Online dat

Choose any two recent article that relates to the topics of the week.
Online databases available through the Internet provide a wealth of opportunities for search.
Sources should be professional journals in the Health Care area. Resources used for the Article Reviews must be from a valid health care site and must be accompanied by a link to the site.
The Article Reviews will include a summary of the article, as well as the reviewer’s opinion, as noted below. Format and organization for the Article Reviews are described below:
Summary: A brief overview of the content of the article.
Relationship to Practice Management: Identify Practice Management strategies represented in the article. Explain how the Strategies link to text reading material. o Discussion and Impact Statement:
(1) demonstrated relevance and appropriateness of key issues to your organization,
(2) consideration given to implementation in your organization, and
(3) impact on your learning experience.
o Format: Summary will be single spaced, typewritten, maximum two pages in length, prepared at a graduate level with fewer than five mechanical errors. Bullets, bolding, and other attributes will be used to promote organization and readability and will guide the reader through the writer’s thought process. Article Reviews will be formatted as outlined and organized in the order shown in this description; headings will be as listed here; content will flow smoothly
Running Head: STARK LAW 1 Stark lawStudent NameCourse TitleProfessor NameUniversity NameAugust 12, 2017 STARK LAW2 Stark lawSummaryThe first article that will discuss is the “What to Know…

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