Christianity : Geographer perspective

Topic Christianity : Geographer perspective

Paper details This essay is a religion project. we are ask to choose from list of religion and i decided to choose christianity because i think it will be more easy to write about. You are free to change the topic for me. I will attach the exact instruction from the professor below. Religion Project Religion and geography might appear to the average student to be unrelated and to have little in common with each other. Geography looks at religious philosophies, but its focus is on its origin, diffusion, distribution patterns, and landscape expressions. Religions 1. Hinduism 2. Buddhism 3. Judaism 4. Christianity 5. Islam 6. Sikhism For this research, you will examine one of the above religions (or another of your choosing) and consider the following questions: a. The basic belief or tenets of the religion. (Very brief) b. Classification of the religion (universalizing or ethnic religion). For this you must show how the religion you have chosen conforms to characteristics of universalizing or ethnic religions. c. The origin and diffusion of the religion, as well as the current geographic distribution of their adherents. You must include maps and charts in your discussion here. d. How geography influences the religion and how religion influences the physical landscape. e. Burial practices. f. Holy spaces in the religion. (toponyms, religious edifices) g. Challenges and Conflicts associated with the religion. (intra-faith and interfaith) h. Influence of geography on religious taboos. i. How knowledge of geography and its influence on religion inform the practice of your discipline or career for example in social work. Output Individual Final Paper Using the above topics for your research, formulate a thesis then set out to prove it in an essay. Your Essay should be 7-10 pages written in Times Roman 12 font. Your paper should include maps, tables pictures or photos and graphs where relevant and properly identified for example table 1. Map 2 etc. Your paper will be checked for plagiarism so please be mindful of that. YOUR ESSAY MUST: Be typed, double-spaced, on one side of white 8½ by 11-inch (letter size) paper with left and right margins at 1¼ inches each. Font must be no smaller than 12- point Times or similarly sized font. Have a title and page numbers with your photo to the back or front. use APA style for in-text citation and bibliography follow accepted standards regarding attribution of quotations, arguments, and ideas of others; Include standardized citations and a bibliography with Internet sources listed separately; Have no more 10 pages but no less than 7. Page count does not include the bibliography. Due date: December 12, 2019

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