Christianity part 1 | Nursing homework help

Read section on Christianity and answer one of the questions at the end or one of the following bonus questions. (Be sure to indicate which question you are answering.)
Bonus Questions:
1. Christianity is considered a sectarian movement that comes from Judaism. What are some elements that distinguish Christianity from its Jewish roots?
2. What are some important commonalities between Christianity and Judaism?
3. How do you explain the notion of Messiah and what claims does Jesus make for this title?
Submission Instructions:

Your response must be at least one substantive paragraph and must demonstrate evidence of reading (A Short Introduction to World Religions). formatted and cited in current APA style. 
Your response should be clear and concise. The one paragraph limit dictates that the point of the exercise is not to give a final answer to the question posed. You have a single paragraph to write for each question; make it a great one. 
You should respond t



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