Chronic Care Management Programs

4 or more academic books or articles minimum
For clinical outcomes to be improved and healthcare reform to be accomplished, effective chronic illness management programs are essential. Patients with one or more chronic diseases account for 75% of healthcare spending, and treating a patient with a chronic illness is five times more expensive than treating a patient without a chronic illness. Additionally, chronic diseases account for 7 out of 10 fatalities. The present fragmented healthcare system poorly manages chronic diseases. The development of programs for patients with chronic diseases is beginning to receive more attention, and these programs are essential to improving clinical outcomes overall and survival rates. Additionally, chronic disease management programs can help the system improve so that healthcare reform can succeed even if it still faces challenges.

Environmental health law offenses and defenses
How would you summarize the environmental health law’s offenses and defenses in connection to each of the four key intervention areas—housing, food safety, health and safety, and environmental health nuisances—and how would you assess their differences and similarities?
Similarities and differences could relate to penalties, fines, the amount of time given to react before filing an appeal, some of the notices, defenses, and whether the act requires any specific actions or not.

• Harvard References- A total of 12 references are required (all citations must be in-text). Journal articles, laws, regulations, books/chapters, and occasionally websites should be included. Works without in-text citations will not be accepted.

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