cite authors within the text, and in the references as well. The similarity identified from the references will not be taken into consideration for the 5%, just the ones identified in the main body

Week 7 Project

Answer the following questions after reading the following chapters in your textbook or the Week 3 Lecture (in the Lecture link). Instead of copying and pasting from the textbook or other sources, kindly provide your answers in your own words.

Section 14

Each Chapter begins with a list of its learning objectives.

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At the conclusion of chapter 14, respond to questions 5 and 6.

Section 15:

At the conclusion of chapter 15, respond to questions 1 and 6.

Section 16:

Each Chapter begins with a list of its learning objectives.

At the conclusion of chapter 16, respond to questions 1 and 4.

Submission requirements: 1. Written answers of 100 words or more in APA format are required for each question; therefore, in order to receive an “A,” you must provide in-depth justifications based on your reasoning and experience. 2. The turnitin link provided below must be used to submit this assignment. Please double-check your submission’s originality. As required by APA style, cite outside sources to support your claims both within the text and in the references section. If you include more than 5% of materials from outside sources in the document’s content (primary body), your work will be rejected by the teacher. In the document that needs to be turned in via Turnitin, avoid including any queries. just the solutions. Authors must be cited both in the text and in the references, as was previously stated. Only the similarities found in the main body will be considered for the 5%, not those found in the references. You should speak with your instructor if you have any questions.



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