Civilian life in Vietnam VS Baghdad (Based on two books)

ENGL 316, GLOBAL LITERATURE FINAL ESSAY: Readers of Literature, show your worth! You will compose an essay on the literature we have read with such pleasure this semester. It must include at least two of our three novels. Create an original interpretation supported by evidence from the text. You can write on any topic of your choosing so long as it deals with our readings, but some suggestions are listed below. Submit it to the Dropbox on December 11.

It should be doublespaced, in any plain 12-point font with standard settings, about 6 pages or 1850-2200 words. It is not a research paper and you do not need to consult sources except our texts, though you are welcome to do so. But cite our texts properly in APA or MLA format. I expect great deeds of you ————————————————————- The two books are: 1) “The Centurions – Jean Larteguy” (For the Vietnam part) 2) “Frankenstein in Baghdad – Ahmed Saadawi” (For the Baghdad part)

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