Class A Motor Homes Compared to 5th Wheel Trailers

The choice that you will make between buying a Class A motor home versus a 5th wheel trailer will involve the considerations listed in this article. Its left to the reader to determine which type of recreational vehicle (RV) is best for them, but advantages of one type or the other will be noted in certain categories.

Interior features of the two types of RVs will not be compared, as they both have essentially the same interior amenities – kitchens, baths, TVs, bedrooms, etc. The categories that follow shed light on the differences of the two RV types and will play a role in your decision go with one type of the other.

o Towing

Do you want to tow your RV as in the 5th wheel case? With a Class A you would undoubtedly tow a car behind it for your local transportation. The truck that you tow the 5th with becomes your local transportation vehicle. Is that acceptable?

o Drivability

Both the Class A and 5th set ups drive very well. They are both affected by wind and passing semi-trucks on the interstate. The 5th will fish tail slightly when passed by a bigger vehicle such as a semi. Your gas mileage will be slightly better with the 5th wheel, possibly by as much as two miles to the gallon depending on the size of the rigs involved.

o Interior Space

When comparing interior space of the largest 5th wheels and the largest Class As, the 5ths will always come out ahead, having more living space in them. This reason alone accounts for why many people choose a 5th wheel over a Class A. (advantage 5th)

o Storage Space

There is both interior and exterior storage space to be considered. The interior storage space of the two types of RVs is basically equal. The Class A with all of its outside storage compartments clearly has more exterior storage. (advantage Class A)

o Cost

If you buy top of the line rigs, the cost of either set up is going to be a lot. However, a top of the line Class A with a towed car is going to be more than a nice 5th wheel and truck to tow it with. Shopping for gently used rigs is going to reduce your initial investment considerably, and is an option that you might want to investigate.

o Miscellaneous

1. The 5th wheel may be considered to be slightly harder to set up and get ready for travel, as there is the hitching and unhitching to the truck to take into account.

2. The Class A is all on one level inside the unit, while the 5th has steps up into the bedroom area.

3. The roof of the Class A is flat, while that of the 5th is slightly sloped.

4. You have access to the kitchen and bath in a Class A without leaving the unit that is doing the driving.

5. The driver and passenger seats of the Class A are in the living area of the unit.

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