Climate Change

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1) Select a critical environmental issue that affects the views or actions of the general population. The best option is to decide on a subject where there is enough amount of opinion data to study. Where to locate survey findings:
Where can I obtain information on the environment and energy?

Where can I find information on energy and the environment?

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2) By November 12?, submit a one- to two-line overview of the subject you wish to research along with a list of three to five applicable survey findings (i.e., the results of longer questionnaires or replies to specific questions). Bring a complete rough draft on November 19 to class. The last draft is due at the start of class on December 1st.
3) Write a research piece of around 1500–2000 words in length that examines the current body of information and/or public perception on the subject you choose, as well as any implications and outcomes. It should also assess the chance that public perception may alter in the future. The essay must take care to address each of the following subjects:

(i) Implications—a brief discussion of the problem and how the attitudes and beliefs of the general public, in particular, are important; (ii) (ii) Status Quo—a discussion of the general public’s current attitudes and beliefs about the problem, supported by evidence; and (iii) (iii) Change—a discussion and/or strategy of how, if at all, public opinion could be influenced or used to address the environmental problem. The font size for the paper should be 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri, double-spaced, and with 1-inch margins.
4) A highly successful post would address as many of the following questions as possible:
I. Repercussions?- Give a brief explanation of the subject you choose. What impact do the attitudes, behaviors, perceptions, and beliefs of the general population have on this issue? What makes them significant? Could the opinions of the general people affect or block major changes in the economy or in public policy? Have they performed this before? Does modifying one’s own individual behaviors (such as littering or recycling) help solve the problem?

II. The current situation? According to your research, how do people typically feel, think, and act toward this subject? How knowledgeable are they about it? What significance does it have to them? How, if at all, have these concepts and viewpoints changed over time? What, if any, differences exist in these attitudes and beliefs between various states, countries, demographic groups, and population segments? What are the most likely causes of people having these beliefs and feelings, and why do they have them? What events, interactions, messages, advertisements, ties to the past, or prejudices could have influenced them?

Change? III. If any changes to public attitudes, behaviors, perceptions, and/or beliefs are required to address the environmental issue, what are they? What is the likelihood that these changes will actually take place? What factors and improbable occurrences might affect whether these changes occur? What steps could you take to try to promote or bring about these changes? What logical and emotional arguments have the greatest chance of success? What are the primary obstacles that can stand in the way of these improvements, and how do you think you might get through them?



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