Clinical Education

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Clinical placement is an essential part of nursing studies as it provides a platform whereby the classroom work extends to a nursing practice environment. The clinical placement practice is, however, evolving with time and thus different from the past. It, however, shares several similarities as discussed in the essay.

One of the changes includes the introduction of clinical placement in a rural setting focused towards community health services. Compared to the urban environment, these rural clinical schools are much smaller and less specialized. For this reason, they tend to be friendlier, supportive and offer higher opportunities for learning by experience (Ash, Walters, Prideaux, & Wilson, 2012). There has been a mutual relationship that is symbiotic between the clinical schools and health services, which counts as a similarity between the past and the present. However, the difference comes in the fact that more stakeholders have been included in the relationship including parties such as the government, community, clinicians, health service, university research, and personal principle hence it is no longer patient-centered. Also, the relationship between the practice and education sectors is closer with increased collaboration between the two sectors. Another difference is that while in the past, clinical practice was driven by the rising clinical demands in the various health care setting; it is now driven by the need to learn. One of the present drawbacks in the clinical learning is the reduced learning experience because clinicians are currently more occupied due to patients being more acutely ill. Economic constraints have become a significant area of focus for both the health services and the education sector affecting the structuring and organization of the clinical placement in recent times (McKenna & Wellard, 2004). These are the similarities and differences that I have observed and learned of in clinical placement between the present and the past.



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