Close Reading short essay

Write a two to three-page essay in which you closely examine either1. the last section of Carvers story A Small, Good Thing or 2. a substantial section from one of Williams stories from Unit 4.and discuss what kind of storytelling is used in the section of the story you are analyzing, keeping in mind what you learned in Brodys Storytelling in Medicine (Unit 3).  As opposed to the summary you practiced in the 2nd BB Discussion (Unit 2), this assignment asks you to write a short argumentative essay on the basis of examining the language used and ideas expressed in the passages that you selected to write about (the ending of the ending of Carvers story, or a passage of your choice from one of Williamss stories). Your essay should have the following parts:1.Introduction with a thesis statement (i.e. example of arguments could be an answer to the question of which kind of storytelling you see in the ending of Carvers story or the passage you choose from Williams stories)2.The body of the essaythis part should closely analyze the passage you choose to write about (like you practiced in 3nd discussion).  Talk about the words used and actions described in the excerpt as well as about the ideas and themes that they evoke.3.Conclusion While you are expected to refer to both Brodys essay and Carvers story (or Williamss) in your essay, you should avoid summarizing either text. Finally, this is a formal writing assignment (as opposed to the forum discussion), so formal aspects of the essay are important (in terms of structure and correctness).


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