Club Association Research Paper (Club or Sports Industry Association).

 You are to choose a Club or Sports Industry Association in which to write a formal research paper. This organization can be from any facet of the industry but must be an existing association. Choose an association in which you might want to work within as this assignment will require time, research, and creativity. Remember this is a professional business document, however have fun and enjoy the process. Research papers are formal business documents and must include a title page, table of contents, 4-5 pages of content (double spaced), and an APA reference page with in-text citations. Times New Roman font, size 12, must be used for this assignment. The following sections MUST be included in your research paper: History of the Association The Associations impact on the Industry Membership requirements and benefits Member analysis – one organization or individual that is a member of the association Overview of their business or personal interview How is technology used in the association Networking and job opportunities Future goals of the association

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