Cold War explanatory essay


This essay’s thesis will be its primary focus. This means that the article will present an argument, an explanation of a problem, or a dynamic in international affairs. We’ll start by discussing how to choose a topic, refine it to a single fundamental idea, and then formulate a thesis. In general, the thesis portion entails two crucial steps: (a) the formulation of an intriguing research issue and (b) the implementation of a thesis designed to address that conundrum.
I. Considerations for Structure Title
Give your title two dimensions. The first paragraph should contain descriptive language about the topic of the paper. The second, however, ought to make more particular reference to your core argument, thesis, or idea.
The importance and relevance of the topic should be stated right away. Here, you’re attempting to demonstrate the importance and salience of the topic at hand. You can also give a quick synopsis of the paper’s scope and goal in this area. In other words, state the conundrum or topic being discussed before stating your thesis or argument. (You may do this at the conclusion of your introduction.) You could use italics to emphasize your thesis (your position).
Background I
Here, you can give a general idea of the historical setting of your topic. This would be the appropriate time to introduce the key players and pertinent concerns. Be effective with this and avoid letting the narrative take over the paper.
II. The Conundrum
You can now present the riddle (the question) being looked at. It might also be good to describe some of the theories or methods that are currently being used to study this topic. Following that, you acknowledge the literature that has been written on the subject and provide a quick overview of the dominant theories about the issue. Then, in what is purported to be your contribution, you are attempting to find “gaps” in the already-provided explanations and argue that more clarity is necessary.
203 1
Argument III
We’ve now reached the point of your argument. Three things will have been accomplished at this point in the paper: (a) the topic’s significance has been established; (b) the historical backdrop has been presented; and (c) the puzzle and the need for a better explanation have been stated. Therefore, your thesis can now be expressed and expanded upon. The focus of your essay should be on defending your thesis and line of reasoning. In light of this, you may pick three topics that are connected to your argument and let them serve as the framework for this section of the essay. Keep in mind that your main goal is to develop your argument, not to convey the “story” of your issue.
Here, you should review your main idea and the paper’s goal in general. You could use this occasion to rephrase your thesis and discuss its merits. It would also be good to say a few words about its potential future importance here.
Technical Considerations, Part II A. Sources: You should use expensive sources. Consider them as three categories of source material: (1) scholarly books and journal articles; (2) widely read periodicals and newspapers; and (3) newspaper reporting. The JSTOR website, Project Muse, and a variety of other aggregates accessible through your library service will all be crucial in this case. Additionally, have a look at the archived issues of the New York Times, the Times of London, and other periodicals that are accessible through your library system.
Style B
Three brief points about the composition’s style should be sufficient. First off, there is no requirement for a title page; just get started with your name and course number in the upper left or right corner. Use a traditional typeface (like Times New Roman) and conventional margins next. Third, you can declare moments of transition in your essay by using section headings in addition to your paper’s title. (a single word or a few words that sum up what is going to happen in the section)
C. References
Please employ footnotes in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. Remember to use Times New Roman and reduce the font size for the footnotes to 10 points. Include a bibliography as well.

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