College Entrance Essays

So you’ve gathered all the applications for the colleges that you want to apply to and as you flip through them, you realize that they each have a section titled “

” or something similar. 

“Oh boy,” you think to yourself…”I don’t even know where to start, sigh.”  It’s common for high school students to get overwhelmed with filling out college admissions applications.  In order to make this process less stressful, I’ve come up with some tips and strategies.

Tip 1 – Read each application carefully.  College entrance

can be tricky.  Each school’s questions will vary to some degree.  You have to make sure that you fully understand what they’re asking you before you can formulate a response.  This is also a

way to figure out which colleges have similar


Tip 2 – Write each

question or topic down
.  Now do some brainstorming.  What comes to mind when you think of these questions and topics?  Try to reflect on your experiences over the past few years.  Just write down everything that comes to mind, don’t try erase anything at this point.

Tip 3 – Create an outline.  We’ve all created outlines before.  An outline is a great way to organize your ideas.  This will also let you know if you have enough content to support your main ideas.

Tip 4 – Start writing a rough draft.  Use your outline as a guide.  Don’t try to make it perfect, that’s why we call it a rough draft.  You will likely make many revisions before you get to a final version.

Tip 5 – Ask for feedback.  In order to make sure you have a really


, you have to solicit feedback from others.  These should be people who you believe will provide you with honest and helpful feedback (i.e. family, friends, mentors, counselors, teachers, work supervisors, etc.)  Ask them to specifically


for the following things: grammar, spelling, punctuation errors, style, and flow.  Most importantly, have them


to make sure that it answers the question that is being asked.

After you’ve solicited everyone’s feedback, make the necessary changes.  It’s okay if you decide not to incorporate everybody’s suggestions, that is why we call them suggestions.   When it’s all said and done, you have to be satisfied with your college entrance

when you drop that application packet in the mail.

Happy Writing!

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