College Essay Questions

This is to assure you that you understood the question to give the right answer. This is the same with college essay questions.

Understanding the college admissions essay questions

Even before the essay questions for college admission arrive, you must have browsed writing examples in readiness for your own writing task. So scan all the questions and narrow down your choice.

Finally choose the one question that you are comfortable with – and the one that will show you in the best light. Read them carefully and jot down keywords in the questions. These keywords are describe and evaluate. Stick to these along the paragraphs.

How to answer the questions

The questions will have different slants such as these listed below:

* Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, or risk that you have taken and its impact on you

In this type of question, dig deep into your pockets of memories. There will be something there that has left a mark. It could be a light moment with your Mom or Dad and something they said, or it could be a school project that required so much from your energies (you thought you would never make it) and still you were able to hurdle it. You will have to show how and why the experience affected you.

* Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you

Note the keyword discuss. This may be a hard question. Unless you have been directly affected, this would be easy. Perhaps the issue about urban housing has affected your family. Dig up recent discussions in the papers and in the news.

Narrate your personal side of it and relate it to the issue. List the advantages and the disadvantages of the laws. Throughout this never lose sight of your personal perspective. What you think about it and how it affects you, and your family and other.

* Indicate a person, character in fiction, an historical figure, or a creative work that has exerted influence on you. Describe that influence.

The keyword here is describe. In this type of question, it does not mean you are just going to write about the famous people – you can write about a loving grandparent and his influence over your life. If you want to write about famous person (historical or recent) show how his life story has influenced you.

Talking about the person just for the sake of his being famous will shave off points from your admission.

* Why do you want to spend six years of your life in this college? How will the degree help you meet your goals?

In this question there are two words that must guide you – how and why. Do not deviate by expounding about the excitement of going to college. Show the your mature side. Answer the why and the how truthfully. There is no room here for restraint. Show the spirit in answering the college essay questions.

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