College Essays


are of great importance when seeking admission to a college. In this regard, choice of a topic is very significant. College

reveal the individual characteristics of the student and help the College Board in forming a correct picture regarding the student’s preferences, value systems, sense of humor, discipline and other core aspects. The primary questions any college

usually addresses are the student’s reasons for choosing a particular institution. The authorities will also try to evaluate the creative and critical skills of the prospective student.

Therefore the student should choose a topic with great care. Once the topic is finalized, it is advisable to prepare a rough draft. It is important that the points for the

are thought out and put into a preliminary order, so that the rough draft can be prepared

in advance. The rough draft will help to bring focus to the rambling ideas and enable a creative reorganization of the same.

Just as in normal

writing, the college

has to be divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph can elaborate a point discussed. Economy of words is a desirable quality. The college

is ideally one written in a focused style, since a rambling style can distract the reader. An uncalled for ornate style is best avoided — simple language very often serves the purpose. College

should be proofread thoroughly so that typos, grammatical and spelling errors do not occur. Any references made have to be properly cited, so that nothing is left vague. Slang usage has to be necessarily avoided; repetition of the same idea is another pitfall that the student has to stay away from. The

should encode the enthusiasm and eagerness of the student and must never be written in an indifferent style.



will highlight the sincerity, commitment and creativity of the applicant. The college

is in every way the

and practical tool to ensure enrollment in an institution of one’s choice.

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