Comment on the utility of a model based on the hypotheses

Answer the below questions based on the scenarios listed below

Scenario 1

An automobile manufacturer observed the demand for its brand increasing as per capital income increases. Sales increases also follow low interest rates, which ease credit conditions. Buyer’s purchases behaviors is seen to be dependent on age and gender. Other factors influencing sales appears to fluctuate almost randomly (competitors advertising, competitors dealer discounts, introductions of new competitive models).

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A. If sales and per capital income are positively related, classify all variables as dependent, independent, moderating, extraneous, or intervening.

B. Comment on the utility of a model based on the hypotheses

Scenario 2

Based on an analysis of the last 6 months’ sales, your boss notices that sales of beef products are declining in your chain’s restaurants. As beef entrée sales decline, so do profits. Fearing beef sales have decline due to several newspaper stories reporting E. coli contaminations discovered at area grocery stores, he suggests a survey of area restaurants to see if the situations is pervasive.


A. What do you think of this research suggestions

B. How, if all, could you improve on your boss’s formulation of the research question?


• The answers should be at least 750 words • Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed sources (scholarly sources) and 1 biblical integration (includes one bible verse and apply it to the answers). • All sources are cited in current APA format. • Proper ENGLISH, spelling and grammar MUST be used. • Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. • Do not use textbooks, newspapers, audiobooks, etc. These items do not meet the requirement of this assignment.

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