communication PROMPTS

communication PROMPTS

Students will write short essay responses to all of the prompts. See complete instructions for the paper below.


The link for the book:

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Student Testimony:

Part 1 –

Students will hold a video call with an assigned partner. Students will discuss interpersonal communication issues (prompts will be assigned by the instructor). Students will record their calls and upload the video to the assignment.

Part 2

Students will write short essay responses to all of the prompts. See complete instructions for the paper below.

· The paper must be written in APA format

· Answers should be about 250 words long for each prompt

· Cite 1 source (1 citation minimum) – The course readings and videos can be used as the source.i have attached the link for the book so can use sources from there for EACH propmpt.


The Prompts:

You will answer of the prompts in your essay.

1. Discuss your behavior or skill you are working on improving this semester –

· Guiding questions: What is competent communication? How will the semester project help you become a more competent communicator? What behavior are you going to focus on improving?

2. Discuss your results of the personality quiz –

· Guiding questions: What was your personality type? What role do you think your cultural identity played in shaping your personality? Do you agree with your results?

3. Discussion the concept of Social Distancing –

· Guiding questions: What assumptions are you jumping to when you notice someone who is or is not practicing social distancing? Do you think social media is having a positive influence on people’s need for connection? How will being isolated with the people you live with impact your relationship with them?




(Remember you will answer all of the prompts in your essay) 4,5,6

· Discuss the language of responsibility –

· What is “I” language? How can using “I” language have an impact on conflict? Can you think of a time you used “you” language? How would the conflict have changed if you knew or used “I” language?

· Discuss the impact of listening on relationships –

· Why is listening important? What does it mean to be a good listener? What are things that distract you from being a good listener? What do you do when you feel like someone isn’t listening?

· Discussion the importance of empathy -What does it mean to be empathetic? Watch the video Brené Brown on Empathy (Links to an external site.) discuss reasons why being empathetic is difficult? How can be more empathetic benefit your relationships? Try this activity “Empatherapy”



Prompt 7: Close Relationships:

· Analyze one of your most important relationships (personal, romantic, or friendship).

· Discussion Questions (these are guiding questions you do not have to answer all of them in your conversation)

· Consider the variables of why we form relationships (revisit those factors of attraction).  How did these variables function at the beginning of your relationships?  How do the variables function now that you have a more established relationship? Or did these variables end up creating a distance in the relationship?

· Discuss your relationship in terms of Knapp’s Stages of Coming Together/Apart.  How did you move from one stage to another?  Where are you now? What tells you this?

Prompt 8: Communication Climate

With your partner discuss defensive arousing behaviors. Are there things people do that automatically make you defensive? How do you currently handle these situations? Using guidelines from this course how can you respond to these situations nondefensively?

Prompt 9 Conflict

Before answering the questions below take the ( the results are below the questions. I already took the quiz)


· Do you think this quiz is accurate? Do you think you have a healthy approach to conflicts?

· How can knowing your conflict style help you improve communication during a conflict?

· Are there situations that some conflict styles that are more appropriate to use?



Results for the quiz:


Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConversation Requirements Met

Participants followed directions and me the conversation requirements

  25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConversation Response Complete

All conversation questions discussed and answered in the essay

  25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSignificant understanding of course concepts demonstrated

Discussion and essay demonstrate an accurate understanding of the course concepts

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