Communication Theory Term Paper
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The term paper should be derived from in-class presentation, which is a case study related to one of the communication theory presented by our own group during class. Our group studied the theory “Uses and Gratification Theory” . Some requirements for the whole term paper are below for your information:
1. The paper should consist of four parts: introduction, literature review, case analysis and conclusion. References should be provided following APA citation style.
3. The most important part of the paper is the case analysis. The case can be a phenomenon or a text. No more than two cases should be discussed.

For this order, you will be responsible for one of the case study.
In this case study, you will study the show “Victorias Secret Fashion Show (2014/2015)” and to study the relationship between viewer and the show, and to apply “the uses and gratification theory “analyze the show. Analyze how the 4 assumptions of “Uses and Grats theory” can be applied to people watching “Victorias Secrets Fashion Show”.

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