Communication Topic ‘GNTRIFIED’

Write a 2 page, single spaced, APA style citations, 12 point sans ferit font PR memo about the ‘GNTRIFIED’ plates around LA. I have attached the news article and the organizations website. Please do the following: 1) See if there was a press release, press conference or press event that helped launch the campaign and include a link or material 2) Identify the spokesperson(s) quoted in the article and include their title. Were they credible source? If yes, why? If no, why not and who would have been a better spokesperson? 3) Identify at least two key messages in the article. What was the organization trying to get their target audience to do? 4) Did the news coverage benefit the organization? Why or why not? Use examples culled from organization website and other research. 5) Was this the only placement or was their widespread coverage?

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