Community Engagement Part 2

The goal is becoming familiar with organizations that are dedicated to advocating for teachers and children.  Review the positions taken by the professional and advocacy organizations related to education that are listed below.

Write a one paragraph summary for each of these “virtual events.”

Assignment: Create your vision


There are two parts to this assignment

PART 1: Create your Vision! Create the vision of where you want to land after you complete your HTI BAS. There are different methods that you can submit:

. Vision in the form of a Charter

. A detailed Vision Statement (use the 4-Box format)

. a Mind Map that documents your vision

A Vision Board – a board using pictures and words

If you have another idea, let me know

PART 2: What is the first step to getting to your vision? You have lots of tools and plans to get there. What will be your first step?


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