Community language learning

Description Guidelines for writing a theory paper: 1) Choose a method (I have choose “Community Language Learning” method) 2) Write about the theory underlying the method: view of language and view of language learning 3) Write about the teaching practices associated with the method (goal/aim of method, syllabus, classroom activity types, role of teacher, role of learner, classroom strategies and techniques, assessment types etc.) 4) No less than 3 pages and no more than 5 pages 5) Include a cover page with QU logo, course title and number, name of instructor, name of students, semester, topic of your theory paper 6) Use Font Times new roman size 14 7) Include at least five references (book chapters, research articles in respected journals, do not use unreliable websites like Wikipedia) 8) Use APA style of reference in inside text citations and in reference list 9) Refer to the rubric in the syllabus for more directions

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