Compare advantages and disadvantages of at least 3 different operating systems.

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Everyone who works with a computer uses an operating system. This week, you have learned that there are many different operating systems and a variety of operating system types. As an information technology (IT) professional, you must understand the purpose of an operating system, the components of an operating system, and how to manage an operating system (whether for personal or for business reasons).

Imagine that you are the owner of a computer consulting business. You have been engaged by a retirement community to provide operating system training to its residents. You should prepare a handout. This should be a document of 3–4 pages that covers operating systems. Include the following in your document:

  • Discuss the purpose of operating systems.
  • Describe the components that comprise operating systems and the functions of each of these components.
  • Compare advantages and disadvantages of at least 3 different operating systems.
  • Outline the environment where each of the compared operating system would be appropriate. For example, gamers might be interested in one operating system, mobile users may prefer another operating system, and office users could require a different operating system.
  • Specify the operating system of choice from your perspective and provide three reasons for your choice.

Prepare a Word document of 3–4 pages. It should be professional in appearance and appropriate as a handout for individuals who are novices in the area of operating systems.

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