Compare and contrast at least 5 details of the two different models.

For this assignment, you will create a presentation (not a PowerPoint), which will be submitted in Blackboard. Either a link can be submitted in the text box (not the comment box) or a file can be attached as long as it can be opened on a Mac. We do not have the ability to open a .pub file. Many of the tools can be downloaded as a .pdf file, which will work as well.

Read the materials in the Discipline Models folder. Some resources are provided to help you begin to understand the models. As with all graduate-level assignments, you will need to conduct research on your own to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

Choose two different discipline models from the folder to compare. You may choose two that interest you, two that you possibly knew about previously, two that might be appropriate for your classroom, or two that you would like to research. You will need to conduct further research on the two models you choose.

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Provide a summary description of each model.
Compare and contrast at least 5 details of the two different models.
Describe at least 3 examples of how each model would be implemented in the classroom. Since two different models will be discussed, the presentation should include a total of 6 examples of implementation.
Choose a tool to use to create a presentation. The Assignment Resources folder includes a list of possible presentation tools. You may use any tool that you feel comfortable using for your presentation. Part of your education through this program is trying new tools and new technology that you will be able to apply in a classroom setting. Some of these are new tools for me. Remember, you may not use PowerPoint, and you must include text and visuals.

Include purposeful visual images and written words as a part of the actual presentation. Audio and video are not required, but they can be included. It would benefit you as a classroom teacher to learn how to create audio podcasts, voice-overs, and animated presentations.
Include a title slide and a reference slide.
The presentation must be self-contained, which means that the information must be clear and complete.

The presentation does not need to be excessively long. You will need approximately 15 slides/frames to accomplish all of the requirements.

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