Compare the objectives of The Big Issue, identified from the case study, with those of a public sector organisation

The Big Issue Magazine Case Study

The Big Issue magazine was launched in 1991
by Gordon Roddick and John Bird in response to
the problem of homelessness on the streets of
London. The Big Issue aims to “help them to
help themselves”. The partners offer homeless
people the opportunity to earn a legitimate
income by becoming a vendor and selling
magazines on the street. The vendor buys
the magazine for £1.25 and sells it for £2.50.
Over twenty years later, the organisation has
helped thousands of vulnerable people to take
control of their lives and currently works with
around 2,000 homeless people across the UK. The
magazine has 63 distribution points nationwide.
The Big Issue is an example of a successful social
enterprise. The magazine has clear social
benefits and a reputation for getting exciting
guest editors and exclusive celebrity contributions, which has vastly increased sales.

Although the ensuing questions are based on the aforementioned case study, you should be aware that you will still need to draw from the knowledge and insight you have acquired during the course.
2. (a) Contrast The Big Issue’s goals with those of a public sector organization. These goals were drawn from the case study.
(b) (i) Specify The Big Issue’s promotion technique based on the case study.
Identify further promotion strategies The Big Issue might employ in (ii).
(c) Describe how outside influences can compromise The Big Issue’s ability to succeed.
(d) The Big Issue might employ rail to ship its publications to distribution centres nationwide.
(i) Find a different distribution method.
(ii) List both this method’s benefits and drawbacks.
(e) Describe the elements to consider when determining The Big Issue’s price.


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