Compares and contrasts the two concepts b) Explains how you envision blending the concepts in your current or future classroom.


Differentiation and vUDL

“A set of principles for curriculum development that gives all individuals equal opportunities to learn” is how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is described (CAST, n.d.).

Meeting students where they are in terms of readiness and then tailoring the curriculum to fit each student’s requirements is what is meant by differentiation. Combining these two approaches results in engaging, dynamic, and inclusive classroom instruction.

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Create an interactive presentation by using one of the free online presentation tools listed below:

Comparison of the two notions in a b) describes how you envision incorporating the ideas in your present or next classroom.

Include the following in your presentation:

How will you introduce fresh information? How will pupils demonstrate their prior knowledge? Your techniques for motivating and involving pupils A minimum of two academic sources from Google Scholar or Ashford’s Online Library that discuss the theoretical underpinnings of differentiation and/or UDL At the end of your post, all in-text citations that were used must be properly referenced using APA style.

In your first post, include a quick introduction and your link.

Free Presentation Tools Online

VoiceThread Present. Me for Pearltrees Prezi.


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