Comparing love and romance in different cultures

The final paper deals with issues or problems, empirical or theoretical, that have been addressed in the readings, films, visits of special locations, or class discussions. The issues (and the title) of the paper are self-chosen by the student. It demonstrates that its author is able to represent an issue, a position, or a problem, and to discuss it. The paper has 8 pages, a title, the name of the author, a list of references, a 1 ½ line spacing in word, and is in APA style.

There was a presentation in class that covered the attached article. Please use it as one of the sources. Incorporate some of the hypothesis discussed in the research like: 1. culture shapes human needs such as romance and 2. romantic motivation is developed through socialization and one’s social context. The other sources HAVE to be Scholarly Articles, no internet articles from websites are acceptable. Please compare love and romance in terms of cultural psychology, how and why it differs or is the same between cultures, what are the reasons, what makes it so? Compare cultures such as those in South America, USA, Middle East.

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