Comparison Between Saudia Arabia and SrilankaCustom




Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka are two countries that are found within the Asian continent. It is the aim of this paper therefore to compare and contrast them in the light of their economies, political systems and population.

Both the economies of these countries reflect a fairly rising GDP in terms of purchasing power which has been steadily climbing over the years. The best ways these economies can expand is through investment into their respective infrastructure, telecommunication and expanding the job market for the youth. The political systems of these countries have governments in place that are divided into the executive, judiciary and legislature which govern the countries. A look at the population reveals that these two nations have very vibrant populations that are growing exponentially. The rapid expansion of the populations can be attributed to the fact that these two nations are still developing and are working towards industrialization. It follows then that the growing population can be instrumental in providing the much needed man power to drive the economy (Central Intelligence Agency, 2007).

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