Competing w/info technology

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In a single Microsoft Word document, respond to the following “Questions and Exercises” questions from Chapters 13 and 14 of your text in between 50 and 100 words each:

Is data a source of competitive advantage on page 296? Describe circumstances when data could be a source of long-term competitive advantage. When might data not produce a long-term benefit?
Page 299 Give definitions to the following terms: record, table, and field. Include a different name for each term in addition to your definition.
Page 304 Why would a business utilize a loyalty card, question 1? What is the firm’s incentive? What encourages people to sign up for and use loyalty cards? What types of strategic assets are possible with these systems?
Page 305 Information systems’ potential impact on mergers and acquisitions is question number one. What should you think about first?
Page 320 What kinds of client information does Caesars collect?
Page 320 How is the information that Caesars gathers used?
Page 320 Question 3: List the most valuable clients of Caesars. What proportion of total profits does this group bring to the company, on average?
How does the Caesars Total Rewards loyalty card system indicate a switching cost on page 320?
Page 320 What is the lifetime value of a customer? Do you think Caesars or Walmart make it simpler to calculate this metric? Why?
Page 330: Locate the website for the information systems division of your institution. What website address brought you to this page? Indicate the file name, path, host name, and domain name for this URL. Exist any more subdomains? Indicate them as well if applicable.
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