Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: 1970s Euro & American Auteurs (History of F

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: 1970s Euro & American Auteurs (History of Film 2 : Post-1940).
Though they were bigger names in the 1970s, almost forty years later, they still have what they always have.
Many directors lose what they had after many years, yet there are the few that slip through the cracks and do amazing things with films until the end of their career. The aforementioned directors fall into this category.
After their many years of making films, they still continue to amaze audiences with films that are uniquely theirs. One of the characteristics of an auteur director is that all of their films have that special signature unique to only themselves. Scorsese, Coppola, Lucas and Allen would not be helping their auteur status if they suddenly stopped trying to make films that others had yet to think of, or to use aspects that other film directors could not comprehend. These directors have yet to lose what they have always had, as they continue to amaze the audience and the rest of the film world.
Their time has not past, it is still with them. As long as they can produce films that are true to who they are as auteur directors, than they will always be considered auteur. They will also still be regarded as some of the most amazing directors in filmmaking history. However, what will happen to them when others begin to use their personal aspects in their own films? Will they still be considered auteur directors or will they have to pass the torch onto the next generation of auteur

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