Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Corporate Code of Ethics Project. When this

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Corporate Code of Ethics Project.
When this Code of Ethics states that employees, officers and/or directors must contact “the company,” “his or her company,” “the company’s General Counsel” or some other department or committee affiliated with a company, we mean that employees, officers and/or directors should contact the appropriate contact person or group at their company. There is a contact list at the end of this Code.
If employees have knowledge or are suspicious of any noncompliance with any part of this Code of Ethics or are concerned whether circumstances could lead to a violation of this Code of Ethics, they are encouraged to discuss the situation promptly with their immediate supervisor, or if the employee feels uncomfortable or otherwise believes it is inappropriate to discuss such matter with their immediate supervisor, then the employee may follow the procedures found on the AFGLink Human Resources website under “Fraud Reporting.”
All directors, officers and employees are responsible for abiding by this Code of Ethics. Individuals with supervisory responsibilities over any other employees will be responsible for the failure to exercise proper supervision in detecting and reporting violations of this Code of Ethics by their direct reports. Directors, officers and employees who violate the Code of Ethics are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.
The companies’ policies are designed to comply with all applicable financial reporting and accounting regulations. If an employee, officer or director has concerns or complaints regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters, he or she must submit those concerns or complaints to his or her company’s General Counsel.
Directors, officers and employees have an obligation to promote the companies’ best interests at all times. They should avoid any action which may involve a conflict of interest with the companies. A

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