Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Forum discussion. Topic: In your own organi

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Forum discussion. Topic: In your own organisation, or in one with which you are familiar, what are the main external contexts that affect HR strategy and practice.
The year prior joining the organization, the rival company had developed a product that had attracted many clients.
Human resource manager worked his way out and finally was able to win the heart of the CEO of the rival company. However, the directors were so strict and expected him to share the secrets of the previous especially the product that had been launched. I found it unethical for a firm with a reputable brand to engage in such vices. In a span of four months the CEO did not share the secret for the product of the previous company, but had developed two new insurance products. The products did not perform well in the market, and his contract was cancelled and he went to the court claim compensation, which he was granted.
External factors affecting human resource strategy are always from the within the firm. In the above scenario, the directors were profit-driven and thus could not give the new CEO chance to develop other products that might properly perform better than the other product from the rival company. In my opinion, profit is just one of the parameter to measure employee’s productivity, therefore, it should not be considered as the overall performing

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