Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Fundamental Duties of Nurses. Nurses are ch

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Fundamental Duties of Nurses.
Nurses are charged with the duty of assisting the physician to ensure that the welfare of all patients are well taken care of and maintained in the right manner. They bear the responsibility for ensuring that proper care is provided to the patients without any prejudice or any iota of influence that may lead to the jeopardy of the lies of the patience. Life of a person is of great importance and is protected by the constitution. As such, nurses are required to uphold and take good care of the lives of all patients under their care without any fear or favor. To be able to execute their duties as expected, nurses are required to swear a Hippocratic Oath. the Florence Nightingale Pledge (American Nurses Association, 2015).
At least with this first swearing to God, it is expected that nurses will always remember whenever they are about to commit any mischievous act that they need to respect and uphold the covenant they made with God. During the taking of this oath, nurses promise faithfulness in their profession and promise to keep their lives pure from all the bad deals or activities that could act against promoting healthy living of the patients. This oath ensures that a nurse reflects on such words and refrain from acting contrary to the expected as they perform their duties (Lyons, 2013). As such, it influences the decision making of the nurses positively and keep them on the right course whenever they are faced with tempting moments to act unethically.

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