Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Group and organizational behavior. are expl

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Group and organizational behavior.
are explicitly indicated as “simultaneously improving individual internally focused satisfaction and reducing work-unit absenteeism is the most promising approach to reducing individual absenteeism” (Diestel, Wegge, & Schmidt, 2014, p. 353).
5. The implications of these conclusions are: management should design factors in the job setting that would assist in reducing absenteeism. as an integration of both internally focused satisfaction (job conditions) and externally focused satisfaction factors (work unit).
Future research could focus on increasing sample sizes or extending applications to other organizations from different cultural settings to validate consistency of the results.
4. The main conclusions of this article are: “perceived deep-level dissimilarity evokes perceived relationship conflict, which produces lower evaluations of subordinate performance, which, in turn, lead to higher levels of abusive supervision” (Tepper, Moss, & Duffy, 2011, p. 288).
5. The implications of these conclusions are the noted need to conduct further research on the subject in other organizational settings, particularly in health care organizations, to validate consistency of results. In addition, perceived levels of dissimilarity could not be structured as constant due to the personality differences of both, supervisors and subordinates, in different work settings. As such, future studies should rule out limitations, noted therein.
Diestel, S., Wegge, J., & Schmidt, K. (2014). The Impact of Social Context on the Relationship Between Individual Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism: The Roles of Different Foci of Job Satisfaction and Work-Unit Absenteeism. Academy of Management Journal, 353-382.
Tepper, B., Moss, S., & Duffy, M. (2011). Predictors of abusive supervision: Supervisor perceptions of deep-level dissimilarity, relationship conflict, and subordinate performance. Academy of Management Journal,

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