Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Reading and answer questions 3. Smith’s fel

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Reading and answer questions 3.
Smith’s fellow employees affirmed their perception of the increased manifestation of his feminity characteristics.
Smith’s first case was dismissed as a feeble attempt to use stereotyping and sex discrimination as a conduit around his claim, which the statute did not proscribe (378 F 3d 566, 486).
The second appeal granted support, holding that Smith had an actionable say for gender stereotyping based on his masculinity non-conforming demeanor and his transsexualism.
Gender prejudice based on sex is equated with insupportable discrimination on the bias of sex stereotypes, which requires one to display prominent femininity or masculinity qualities. The court ruling concluded that Smith’s inadequacy to match typical male characteristics was the main intent behind his discrimination (378 F 3d 566, 487).
The ruling exemplified that an employers rights should not be hinged on their sex-specific dressing. It also includes appearance codes, and excuse sex-specific appointments in categories that prove necessary to hire only one sex (378 F 3d 566, 489). Se stereotyping according to gender is an unacceptable biases that should not subject a transgender victim to professional discrimination.
The second ruling was fair and just because a transgender victim should not be discriminated due to gender conformity stereotypes. Their decision to cross over to their proffered sex based on medical prescriptions should be respected as part of their universal rights. The employers should not create a gender-conforming dress code that defines positions in its functional structure.
Diane Schroer was born male. During the interview, Schroer was dressed in traditional male attire and was hired. Before beginning duty, Schroer informed Preece that she was under medical care for gender dysphoria that would transform her into a full woman. After ‘serious considerations’, Preece

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